Senior Patrol Leader

Elected by the Troop (May be Re-elected)
Mentored by the Scoutmaster (SM)

  1. Administer annual planning meeting
  2. Administer PLC meetings
  3. Administer Troop meetings
  4. Assist SM in troop leadership training
  5. Ensure ASPLs are fulfilling requirements
  6. Ensure Scout Oath and Law are practiced
  7. Set a good example of Scout spirit
  8. Assist SM in earning Quality Unit Award



Appointed by SPL based on interest
Reports to ASPL – Quartermaster

  1. Member of a patrol, ideally, one from each patrol
  2. Maintain cleanliness and order of troop trailer
  3. Inspect tents at end of campout
  4. Sign tents and tarps in and out at campouts
  5. Ensure stoves, tents, and tarps are returned clean
  6. Ensure ovens are returned clean and oiled
  7. Report damaged equipment and recommend purchases